by IX

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released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


IX Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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Track Name: Lose It
The suspense is killing me
But I don’t want it to end
It’s like a rope around the neck
To be able to feel free

Maybe, just maybe
We will find
A way to get out
Without hurting anyone
Each other
Or ourselves

I don’t want to lose it anymore
Even when I am not sure
I don’t want to lose it anymore
I lost it one too many times before

We move around the facts
‘cause we don’t want to sink too low
Even if it’s just for show
We’re an act that never acts
Track Name: Head Start
I gave you a head start
‘cause you seemed to want it
Why do you keep looking
when you know there’s nothing there
And that’s exactly
What you’re looking for

Right now you just want to lose control
But compromises take their toll

There’s a reason there
That I don’t have to understand
Why do you keep looking
When you know there’s nothing there
You put your head
Back in the sand
Track Name: Love You Simple
Why don’t we just hit the road
Even if we don’t know where to go
Start a fire in our hearts
Built from the biggest, tallest tree

We can wear my melodies
Feed ourselves off of our believes

Bathing in the moonlight
Fretting up in mountain dew
All we need is me and you
Getting drunk from laughter
Crying while I play the blues
All we need is me and you
Baby if you let me
I will love you simple

I’d like to drain your head of thoughts
Catch them in a bag I put away for later use
I’ve got a couple different coloured headbands
And if you like
You can be the one to choose
Track Name: Long Long Longing
When you’re being cold
I wear gloves of water
So we’ll freeze together
No matter the weather
I want you forever
That’s a long time I know
Honestly I don’t
But I’d like to find out
With you
If I can

I’ve been long long longing for a girl like you
For a boy like you
For a team like us
So that I can trust
that you understand
Who I am
Who you are
And what we want

I don’t want to be your friend
‘Cause baby, I am your friend
But I can’t figure out
If we’re running towards
Or from something
Don’t matter in the end
As long as we’re going
In the same

I know that we will never part
We’re so good when we’re apart
I know that you don’t miss me
It makes me feel so free
Track Name: My Money is On You
I can see you’re hurting
You somehow crave that pain
I feel your burden
Getting off on ball and chain

It’s better than being numb
You’d rather bleed than but a bandaid on it
It’s a fucked up mindset
I think we can all agree on that
But still

Even with your fears
And the doubts you turn to
My money is on you
I’m not going to hide
You shouldn’t have to
My money is on you

You got no directions
Neither a flashlight nor a map
It’s a dark world out there
But you can escape the past
Track Name: Thank You
Since most of you will be listening to this record
without a physical copy
I’d like to take this chance
To shine a light on all the people
That helped me make the pieces of music
That you’re listening to
I’ll start off with my two angels

Jelle on drums
Slides on the black and whites

Performing as the jedi of sound
Was mister Robin Hunt

Joost shot a beautiful cover again
On which I wouldn’t look half as good if weren’t for Xio

Mastering was done by the Exchange

A special thank you
to Music United and Friendly Fire
For working with this sometimes crazy
And mostly stubborn artist

Kisses and hugs to Herman & Gaëtane
For letting me use their beautiful place to transfer ideas into recordings

Shout to
Isa, Rutger, Jelte, Willem, Dax, Aron, Errol, Flip and my parents
For their input in the selection process
I was tough
Since there is no Darwin theory for songs
And who knows
maybe time will tell that we we’re wrong
But at least we’ll be wrong together

Most of all
Thank you
For listening
Track Name: Olive Tree (remIX)
I want to share my life with you
But I don’t know what to say or do

To get you to want to share you life with
Move to Rome and plant an olive tree

While we watch the tree grow old
Gradually, I’ll love you even more

I want to share my life with you
But I don’t know what to say or do